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You matter to us! Your comments are used to further improve our services to our customers and partners. We are always willing to listen to constructive input and innovation that will continue to allow us to maintain our creative and competitive edge in our market. We are successful because we 'listen' to what you want and provide it.


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Getting to know us is getting to know about us. One of the best ways to really understand who we are is by subscribing to the latest release of our newsletter - YOU MATTERS. Our YOU MATTERS Business Newsletter will be official launched early in 2015. In it you will be informed of all the new deals we will be offering to our customers. All our deals will benefit businesses, managers and their organisations. Familiarize yourself with our services and discover that we can be the total solution we are working to be for all our business clients, partners and customers.

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Until the launch of our newsletter our focus will be our customers' reaction to our new stylist website, its services and information. Let us know what you think about this new and improved website and leave your comments in our blog located on the 'Blog' tab on this site. You can also subscribe right here on this site above - Just click the 'Dropdown' option as select the newsletter option. Welcome to Canopy Design Graphics - where business and creativity meets

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Design Order Process 2: When a customer uses their own artwork/Design:




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