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Design For Charities

Designs For Charities

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Wise business owners know that quality Information keeps you ahead of the game! Canopy Design Graphics is a division of Canopy Consult Ltd. Canopy Consult Ltd provide business courses & seminars, start-up programs and youth entrepreneurship programs. Speak with one of our business development personnel to find out how Canopy Consult Buinsess Training can move your business from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

Solutions & Support

We are pleased to be able to make available services to charities, churches and community groups. Being a charity or community group is made easier with the various business services provided by our organisation. Become a regular customer with us and qualify for other special provisions. We look forward to working with you soon.



Canopy Design Graphics where business and community touch


Every charity understand the importance of remaining both relevant and sustainable. As part of our organisation's CSR, Canopy Design Graphics provides a special service exclusive to charities, community groups, churches and other charity based organisation. We believe if you are doing something that helps others then perhaps you should get some help in return. Let Canopy Design Graphics Support your organisation with our various custom designed charity packages.


If you are a regular charitable client to Canopy Design Graphics you may also qualify for other special services we provide for such qualifying organisations.




  • Flyers, poster and banners

  • Office stationery

  • Brochures

  • Trophies, medals and plaques

  • Engraving

  • T-Shirts and worker clothing

  • Promotional items


Events Facilities


  • Weddings, special occasions venue  bookings

  • Seminar and conferences venue booking

  • Churches and community services signposting.

  • Musicians and singer hire

  • Instrument purchase

  • Start-UP website services




Canopy Design Graphics as well as providiing professional design and print to charities it also gives to charities and worthy causes locally and internationally. It's internal organisational ethics makes it proud to pore something of its success back into those needing help the most.


Members of the public will be able to join us and  be part of our various fundraising and charity sponsoring events. Our YOU MATTERs Newsletter will outline all our charitable events where everyone will be welcome to participate throughout the year.


For further information contact us by going to the 'about' tab on this website and leave your comments and enquiries there.

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